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OX App Suite

The OX App Suite is a comprehensive communication and productivity tool that offers email, calendar, task management, and document storage solutions in one integrated platform. It's designed to enhance collaboration and efficiency for both individual users and businesses, providing a seamless user experience across devices and platforms.
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Cloud File Storage

Cloud File Storage

Store and share your important documents safely in the cloud. And with (up to) 50 GBs, you’ll have plenty of room for years to come.

OX App Suite Calendaring & Contacts

Calendaring & Contacts

Communicate like an enterprise with shared calendaring, scheduling wizard, iCal support and Global Address List!

OX App Suite Email Features

Lots of Email Features

Your favorite email features are all here including Forwarders, Auto-Responders, Filters, Signatures, Notifications and more!

Productivity Apps

Add Productivity Apps!

Create, edit and share Microsoft Office docs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint with App Suite’s powerful online Apps.

OX App Suite allows you to Bring your Favorite Apps

Bring your Apps

Easily add your favorite email services and/or applications into App Suite; like Gmail, Dropbox, Zoom (coming soon) and more!

OX App Suite offers Privacy and Security

Privacy Matters

App Suite, nor ourselves, will ever read, scan or share any of your personal or email information with any 3rd parties. Ever.

Current Pricing

OX App Suite Plans

OX App Suite

Personalised email for your business
$ 1.99 Monthly
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • Premium Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam
  • Email @yourdomain.com
  • 10 GB Mailbox Size
  • Full-Featured Webmail
  • Mobile & Desktop Access (IMAP)
  • Shared Calendars, Contacts, Tasks
  • CardDAV & CalDAV
  • Integrated Portal Page
  • Self-Service Migration Tools
  • Cloud FIle Storage (Not Included)
  • Online Office Suite (Not Included)
  • Create & Edit Word Docs (Not Included)
  • Create & Edit Spreadsheets (Not Included)
  • Create & Edit PowerPoint (Not Included)

OX App Suite + Productivity

Professional email & Productivity for your business
$ 2.99 Monthly
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • Premium Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam
  • Email @yourdomain.com
  • 25 GB Mailbox Size
  • Full-Featured Webmail
  • Mobile & Desktop Access (IMAP)
  • Shared Calendars, Contacts, Tasks
  • CardDAV & CalDAV
  • Integrated Portal Page
  • Self-Service Migration Tools
  • 25 GB Cloud FIle Storage
  • Online Office Suite
  • Create & Edit Word Docs
  • Create & Edit Spreadsheets
  • Create & Edit PowerPoint

Ox app suite

A comprehensive software package that seamlessly integrates communication, productivity, and collaboration tools into a unified platform. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, it empowers businesses and individuals to streamline their workflow, manage emails, calendars, and documents, and enhance teamwork. Whether in the office or on the go, you'll have access to versatile solution to boost efficiency and effectiveness.

OX App Suite Email

Expect More from Email

Professional email@your-domain.com
Secure and reliable; with 99.9% Uptime
Use Webmail, Mobile or Desktop Apps
Huge 10GB & 50GB mailboxes

Say Goodbye to Spam

Using AI and predictive email defense software, OX App Suite fights to keep your inbox safe from spam, viruses, malware and phishing attacks.

Work Anywhere

Syncs across all your devices. And Mobile and Desktop access is no problem as OX App Suite works seamlessly across all native clients.

App Suite Features and Benefits

What apps are included in OX App Suite?

All OX App Suite plans include access to Webmail, Calendar, Tasks and Address Book. The Productivity package adds OX Drive and OX Documents (Text, Spreadsheets and Presentations).

Can I add outside email accounts to OX App Suite?

Yes, Connect to all external IMAP email accounts including popular providers such as Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook.com. Simply add your email address and password into App Suite and any email sent to those accounts will appear in your App Suite Interface.

Can I migrate my existing email account from another provider?

Yes, we offer a self-service migration tool that is intuitive and easy to use. Migrate from all popular email services including Apple iCloud, Gmail, Outlook.com/Windows Live/Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, GMX, or T-Online, or manually enter your provider’s information using IMAP/POP3 or other available preferred protocols.

Will calendar & contacts sync between OX App Suite & My Mobile?

You can manage your calendar and contacts with ease. The app fully supports CalDAV and CardDAV, which means you can easily synchronize your data between different devices. For Android users, syncing is made even easier with a dedicated Android Sync App.

Will OX App Suite work on my device?

App Suite works seamlessly with most native desktop and mobile email clients.

Mobile Devices: iPhone on iOS 11/iOS 12, Smartphone on Android 4.1 or later
Supported Browsers: Safari, Chrome (latest & previous version), Mozilla Firefox (latest & previous version), Microsoft Internet Explorer 11/Edge

Will I be protected against Spam and Viruses?

Yes! OX App Suite uses proprietary technology as well as partnerships with well-established vendors in the Anti-Spam industry to keep your inbox as clean and safe as possible.

What is OX Drive (Productivity)?

OX Drive is an online storage solution to store your documents, photos and media in the cloud. This means, you only need access to OX App Suite and OX Drive and you will have access to all your files, too. OX Drive lets you synchronize your files with all your devices using the browser or native apps.

What is OX Documents (Productivity)?

OX Text, OX Spreadsheet and OX Presentation are the 3 applications within the broader term OX Documents. These applications can be used to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. Create and edit your documents from anywhere using the familiar features and functions from your Office software solution and on all your devices.

What Languages are supported?

OX App Suite supports the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, 中文 简体, 中文 繁體, 日本語 日本

OX App Suite

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