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Monitor your systems comprehensively with our 360 Monitoring service, offering real-time insights, performance tracking, and proactive issue resolution to ensure optimal operational efficiency and reliability.
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Safeguard your server and website health today.

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Current Pricing

360 Monitoring Pricing

We offer a range of 360 Monitoring plans, starting with a free option for single server or site owners, and scaling up to custom packages for larger needs, ensuring flexibility and control with no setup fees.

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360 Site Monitoring Personal

Ideal for 1 website with multi-channel alerting and Full Site Check.

$1.99 / Month

360 Site Monitoring Plus

Ideal for 3 websites with 60 second monitoring intervals and 15 times more crawl depth.

$2.99 / Month

360 Site Monitoring Advanced

Ideal for 10 websites, excellent for site owners that need website monitoring at maximum scale.

$5.99 / Month

360 Server Monitoring Pro

Great starting point to begin getting insights for your single-server project.

$4.99 / Month

360 Server Monitoring Business

Next level plan for larger workloads with concurrent and recurring scheduled crawls.

$24.99 / Month

360 Server Monitoring Enterprise

Top-level monitoring at scale with 10x the value at a fraction of the cost.

$99.99 / Month

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Website and Server Monitoring

How Does 360 Monitoring Help my Website?

Downtime Monitoring


Receive immediate notifications when your website goes offline to address and rectify issues swiftly, preventing negative customer experiences and potential revenue loss.


Enhance your website's performance and search engine rankings by monitoring key metrics like Time to First Byte (TTFB), DNS time, connection time, and overall duration.


Identify location-specific issues with your website by ensuring it is accessible and performs optimally from up to 26 different locations around the world.

Keyword Monitoring


Monitor website sources for specific words and phrases (for example, “error” or “stock out”) and set up alerts for their presence or absence.

Port Monitoring


Check responsiveness of HTTP/S for web traffic, TCP for network connectivity issues or firewall blockages, and ICMP (ping) for availability.

SSL Monitoring


Proactively configure detailed alerts for SSL/TLS certificate expirations to ensure your website continuously remains securely accessible to visitors at all times.

Identify Broken Links


Detect and repair broken links on your website to prevent negative impacts on your search engine rankings and ensure a positive customer experience.

Detect Missing Assets


Receive alerts for missing files, resource gaps, and JavaScript errors to prevent slow page loads, visual issues, and poor user experiences.



Efficiently pinpoint and manage large files and extensive libraries that detrimentally influence your website's bounce rate, user engagement, and conversion statistics.


Server Monitoring regularly scans to assess your server's health, tracking vital metrics like CPU usage, load times, network statistics, memory, and disk usage. This proactive approach allows you to swiftly identify and rectify potential issues, preventing them from developing into major problems.

Website Monitoring checks your website's uptime, performance, and functionality, ensuring it remains accessible to visitors. It helps you detect and fix any site issues promptly, preventing them from affecting your business.

Performance Monitoring assesses system functionality by tracking resources such as CPU usage, memory consumption, disk activity, I/O performance, and network uptime. 360 Monitoring comprehensively monitors these metrics to ensure optimal system performance.

Performance Monitoring is essential for early detection of performance issues to prevent business impact. It analyzes system resources, aiding in proactive planning for future infrastructure needs.

You can conduct monitoring globally, with locations in Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, and the USA, allowing for comprehensive worldwide monitoring coverage.

SSL Monitoring enables you to oversee your SSL certificates, alerting you to upcoming expirations for proactive management and uninterrupted certificate validity.

360 Monitoring offers multilingual support in English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Russian.

All paid plans of 360 Monitoring include unlimited multi-channel alerts, though additional charges for data use or SMS messages may apply from some carriers.

Full Site Check thoroughly examines your website or online store, detecting issues like dead links, broken images, and JavaScript errors. By comprehensively crawling your site, it identifies a range of anomalies that could affect user experience and site functionality, thus helping you maintain a robust and reliable online presence. This proactive approach ensures that potential problems are addressed before they can impact your visitors or business operations.

360 Monitoring Lite is a free plan that can be used to monitor 1 server and 5 sites.  The Lite plan is available at signup when purchasing services as an optional "add-on" service to any hosting, Virtual Private Server, or Dedicated Server Plan.

All 360 Monitoring subscriptions are renewed monthly and can be canceled at any time.

Durnwood currently offers only monthly subscriptions for 360 Monitoring to provide maximum flexibility for your evolving business needs, making it easy to adjust your plan by upgrading or downgrading as necessary.