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Security & Compliance

Our Security and Compliance services ensure the highest standards of data protection and regulatory adherence. Our comprehensive security measures include advanced threat detection, robust encryption, and continuous monitoring, safeguarding your data against evolving cyber threats.
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360 Monitoring

Website and Server Monitoring

Extensive surveillance of your IT systems, continuously monitoring network traffic, server performance, and application behavior. It provides instant alerts on security incidents, facilitating rapid response to mitigate threats and maintain system integrity, ensuring operational continuity and protecting against potential vulnerabilities.

SSL Certificates

Purchase Secure Certificates (SSL)

SSL certificates play a crucial role in securing online communications and transactions. By encrypting the connection between web servers and browsers, they protect sensitive data like personal information and credit card numbers. SSL certificates also boost customer trust and help improve search engine rankings, making them vital for any online business’s security strategy.

Sitelock Website Security

SiteLock Security

Website Security Services

SiteLock provides a comprehensive suite of website security services, including daily scans for malware, automatic removal of threats, and a web application firewall to block harmful traffic. It enhances website performance and user trust by preventing security breaches and ensuring that the site remains clean and free from vulnerabilities.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

NordVPN offers advanced VPN services, featuring strong encryption protocols, no logs policy, and global server access. It protects your internet activities from hackers and surveillance, ensures secure and private connections, and enables access to geo-restricted content, making it an essential tool for enhancing online security and privacy.

Sitelock Website Security

Codeguard Backup

Website Backup Services

Codeguard delivers robust website backup solutions, automatically backing up your website data and allowing easy recovery in case of data loss or cyber-attacks. It monitors changes and provides alerts on unauthorized modifications, ensuring that your website can be quickly restored to its previous state, minimizing downtime and data loss risks.